Sexxx Talk Radio

by Not So Secret

Some women just can’t get enough. Which is why Alyssa and Lanae have recently launched Sexxx Talk Radio on the Progressive radio network.

Sexxx Talk Radio can be heard live on the Progressive Radio Network or or on any internet radio tuner,  Wednesday  at 7:00pm, EST. Past episodes can be downloaded as podcasts, as soon as they are processed, either on the PRN site or iTunes.

With a new topic each week, hosts Alyssa Royse and Lanae St. John discuss the ways that sex is shaping the world around us. Whether it’s sex in the news media, probing the minds of experts, politicians and celebrities, or helping you understand both your body and the politics of sexuality, they’ll get busy with it.

We believe that healthy sexuality is a basic human right, and we’re fighting for your right to express your sexuality in way that is healthy, fulfilling and fun.

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